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LearnIn tackles these difficulties via its specialised 

Tutor-Tutee Matching Program, matching knowledgeable and compatible tutors (some of whom also have disabilities) with individuals with and without disabilities.


Understanding that every persons with disabilities are unique, upon registering your interest as a Tutor or Tutee below, we will contact you promptly to see how best we can meet your needs.

Y. Wang

"Teacher Winston is different from my previous tutors because he really puts in his effort when teaching me and will make sure I understand the concepts before moving on to teaching me other things. He also prepares worksheets of classic math exam question and high order thinking questions for me. Furthermore, he will also Ensure that I am constantly practicing type of questions that I’m weak at or unsure of."

"Personally, it's been an enriching experience. I've had to pay close attention to how I interact and communicate with someone who is visually impaired. Also, I feel that by pairing teens or kids with someone who has "been there & I done that" is also very useful and hopefully these kids will be able to be inspired by their own tutors."

Y. Chor
J. Key

"As for me, I'm very privileged to be able to experience how it's like to be a tutor aide. It was fulfilling as I get to interact and mingle with students who have difficulty learning due to some form of visual impairments. And through this experience, I've gain new knowledge and a sense of awareness of the various form of challenges faced by these students. It also enables me to be more empathetic towards these group of people as well. Thus, through this eye-opening session, it has allowed me to contribute to the society by caring and showing concern to these group of people, helping people who are in need. Overall, It's a very fulfilling and satisfying experiences that I've gained so far."

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